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ALP Life Sciences (ALP) was founded as a lipid research company. The Company is focused on the emerging sciences of applied lipid polymorphism (ALP). These are fancy words that create a simple name for the medical use of dietary lipids to remodel lipids to advance human health. ALP research is targeting fatty liver diseases, including NAFLD and NASH. During research the major need for a correctly formulated Omega 3 fish oil was discovered.

ALP has introduced ALP High 3, the new Omega 3 fish oil supplement formulated to maximize absorption and bioavailability. The goal is to raise Omega 3 levels in the body as rapidly as possible and cost effectively, preserving the scarce resource of deep cold water fish, and reducing the cost to consumers based on the Omega 3s they actually absorb.

ALP is focused on improving health and wellness through education, and products that most effectively address inflammation and chronic diseases. The ALP High 3 Presentation will introduce you to the problem of inflammation and the medical science behind the Omega 3 and ALP High 3 solution.

ALP High 3 is formulated to deliver on the ALP High 3 promise of; 1) high proficiency and concentrated “natural” re-esterified┬átriglyceride (rTG) form fish oil, 2) high purity (International Fish Oil Standards 5 Star Rating); and 3) high penetration (double enteric coating). ALP High 3 provides the best absorption and bioavailability available in any fish oil, and the best Omega 3 anti-inflammatory impact for your money.

Please visit the ALP web store, with payments powered by PayPal, for your convenience, security and peace of mind. We look forward to serving you in your quest for optimal health.

Robert A. Barker, MD and Chairman

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