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NEW Formulation! Over 30% More Omega 3s!

Plus FREE Shipping!!!

Now 480/320 EPA/DHA per single softgel and 1600 EPA/DHA per 2 softgel daily dose!

Now produced with Supercritical CO2 Extraction Process!

The ALP mission is to offer our customers the highest quality and best value of Omega 3 fish oil on the market with three key formulation standards. The very best Omega 3 is our total focus, we do not sell other products:

  • ALP High 3 is high concentration pharmaceutical grade TRIGLYCERIDE form omega 3s, which are the “natural” and most bioavailable form of omega 3s, i.e., not in ethyl ester (EE) form. If your old fish oil does not say “Triglyceride”, it most likely is not.
  • ALP High 3 is 5 STAR IFOS – International Fish Oil Standards rated. You cannot get a higher purity rating from the international industry standard IFOS, i.e., ALP has the lowest possible level of impurities such as heavy metals, dioxins, PCPs.
  • ALP High 3 is DOUBLE ENTERIC COATED for maximum intestinal absorption, which also eliminates fishy aftertaste and burp.

The following retail pricing and bulk order discounts are also available: The single bottle retail price for ALP High 3 is $39.95. For bulk orders you can order a 3 pack and get 10% off, order a 6 pack and get 15% off, or order a 12 pack and get 20% off.

The ALP web store accepts payments through the secure third party PayPal payments system for your security and convenience.

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