Effect of Mediterranean Diet on Healthy Brain Aging: Involvement of Telomerase

Author: Virginia Boccardi, Clara Tinarelli, Patrizia Mecocci
Source: Academic Press
Publication Date: 2018, Pages 89–101

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Mediterranean diet (MD) is one of the healthiest dietary patterns in the world associated with low morbidity and mortality among old age subjects. Strong evidences are showing that a good adherence to such a diet is associated with lower incidence of many age-related diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and dementia.

Telomeres are the caps at the end of our chromosomes, protecting them from damage and regulating cellular senescence. Numerous evidences are showing that MD slows telomere shortening along with aging, which may represent the mechanism by which this diet may boost longevity. The aim of this chapter is to provide an update on the current knowledge of the effects of the MD on healthy brain aging, on telomere biology and in particular, we will look over the most recent evidences about its relationship with telomerase activation.