About Us

About Us

ALP Life Sciences, Inc. was founded as a lipid metabolism research company by two brothers. When they became aware of some interesting and novel new lipid science, Robert A. Barker, MD, a family physician for over 30 years, and David Barker, the founder and CEO of a life sciences research and services company, created ALP to pursue the important lipid research. The focus of ALP’s lipid research is a promising botanical potential method to treat fatty liver disease, and other diseases. Through the ALP fatty liver research project, the broader need was recognized for optimally formulated high-quality omega 3 supplements to assist proactive health-conscious consumers to optimally raise their Omega-3 Index (O3i) into the target range of 8-12%, reducing their risks of inflammatory diseases.

What does ALP stand for? The idea behind ALP is that with doses of lipids you can remodel the lipids in the ~30 trillion cells in your body, reducing your risks of inflammatory diseases. The term Applied Lipid Polymorphism (ALP) was coined to help explain the science with the simple “ALP” name. The ALP acronym represents the idea of taking doses of high quality lipids to remodel your lipids, including lipid membranes with important health benefits. ALP’s lipid research led to a recognition of the important role of the Omega-3 Index (O3i) to track your inflammatory risks. The O3i is typically too low, below 5%, when inflammatory diseases are present. ALP’s fatty liver disease research continues. In the meantime, ALP recommends that everyone that takes omega 3 supplements in any form know and track their O3i. Without testing, you have no way of knowing if your O3i is too low and in the “at risk” range. The mounting research and science indicates an important question for those seeking to optimize their health. How high is your Omega-3 Index?

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