Founders & Company Mission

Founders – Raising The Bar in Life Sciences Research

ALP Life Sciences (ALP) is a nutritional medicine company, founded by brothers, physician Robert A. Barker, MD, and David K. Barker, a life sciences entrepreneur. Dr. Robert Barker, Chairman of ALP Life Sciences, is a founding physician of Parkway Medical Group in Asheville, North Carolina. Dr. Barker has been a family physician for over 30 years and like physicians around the world, encounters the increasing challenge of chronic inflammatory diseases in his patients every day. Prior to ALP, David was founder and CEO, 1997-2007, of a life sciences research and services company serving the global life sciences industry.

Mission – Advancing Research to Combat a Global Epidemic

ALP is a nutritional medicine and medical biochemistry research company. The company is advancing research in the area of chronic inflammatory diseases and related lipid metabolism. ALP was founded to conduct research in the area of fatty liver disease and its connection to chronic inflammatory diseases. Fatty liver is an emerging global epidemic in both the developed and emerging world. ALP research is focused on novel nutritional based methods of treatment. The ALP mission is to conduct lipid metabolism research and offer or license new products addressing chronic inflammatory diseases, and provide nutritional medicine based education to physicians and patients. The emerging science of Applied Lipid Polymorphism “ALP” is simply the use of appropriate doses of formulated lipids as nutritional medicine and commercialized as Rx, medical food or OTC products to facilitate the remodeling of lipids in the human body to optimize human health.

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