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ALP Life Sciences Announces ALP High 3

ALP High 3 the New Omega 3 Fish Oil Formulated for Maximum Absorption and Bioavailability

ALP Life Sciences, LLC today announced that its ALP High 3 Omega 3 fish oil supplement in triglyceride form, with 1200 mg of EPA and DHA in a daily serving of two soft gels, is now available at ALPLifeSciences.com. ALP High 3 is formulated to provide the greatest possible absorption and bioavailability among Omega 3 preparations.

ALP High 3 is the natural triglyceride form of Omega 3 fish oil, not an ethyl ester form. Most fish oil currently available is in the ethyl ester form, which can reduce absorption by more than 50%, and must be converted to the natural triglyceride form by our bodies prior to absorption. ALP High 3 is also enteric coated, increasing absorption by 60% or more over non-enteric coated products. ALP High 3 can deliver greater than 10 times more Omega 3 absorption than other formulations, making ALP High 3 the top choice for improving health and wellness with anti-inflammatory Omega 3s.

“Inflammation is the silent culprit in chronic diseases. The medical science behind inflammation explains how Omega 3 supplementation impacts chronic diseases,” observed Robert A. Barker, M.D., a practicing family physician, and Chairman of ALP Life Sciences. He added, “The mission of ALP is to help educate physicians and patients on the damaging role of inflammation in chronic diseases, and explain how to reduce it with diet and Omega 3 supplementation.”

ALP High 3 substantially reduces the Omega 3 dose required to achieve 1,000 mg of bioavailable Omega 3 from fish oil, increasing patient compliance. Dr. Barker also stated, “Our ALP Omega 3 Calculator allows physicians and patients to evaluate and compare Omega 3 products, to determine the Omega 3 product that produces maximum therapeutic benefit at greatest cost efficiency.” The ALP Omega 3 Calculator helps teach the actual impact of the different forms and formulations on absorption and bioavailability.

Physicians can register with ALP to participate in the ALP High 3 sample program. They can refer patients to ALPLifeSciences.com, to their local pharmacy, or offer ALP High 3 in their practice. Pharmacies can participate by carrying ALP High 3, serving physicians and patients in the manner they are most accustomed.