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  • Receive 3 free starter bottles
  • Join our rapidly growing network of independent pharmacies
  • Attract more customers
  • Provide the highest quality triglyceride form, enteric-coated Omega-3 fish oil available

Pharmacies & ALP High-3

Receive three free starter bottles of ALP High 3 that will jump start your participation in the ALP High 3 program. You can sell these three bottles and then reorder online, so you are always enjoying a profitable relationship with ALP Life Sciences.

ALP Life Sciences, LLC has a rapidly growing network of independent pharmacies that carry ALP High 3, which is simply the best triglyceride form (Not Ethyl Ester) enteric coated Omega 3 fish oil on the market. Physicians in our sample program are independent thinkers themselves, and they like to send their patients to independent pharmacies to purchase ALP High 3 for more patient oriented service. The pharmacies receive new patients and the patients receive more friendly local service. It is a win-win arrangement, and patients love it.

If you are a pharmacy that our physician and pharmacy outreach program has not yet reached, you can register and get priority service. Just provide us with your pharmacy information and three local physicians that you recognize have knowledge of the value of high quality omega 3s.

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