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The reason we take Omega 3s is to incorporate EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids into our body’s cells, plasma and tissues, to reduce inflammation and optimize health and wellness. Patients should select an Omega-3 that is formulated to deliver maximum absorption and bioavailability

This calculator allows you to evaluate Omega 3 brands based on key factors – potency, purity, penetration and cost. Omega 3s come in one of two forms – natural triglyceride or ethyl ester (EE). The form has a major impact on how much Omega 3 your body will absorb. Triglyceride form is by far the best. If your brand label does not clearly say “natural triglyceride form” then you are likely taking an EE form

ALP High 3 is enteric-coated for maximum INTESTINAL absorption of the Omega 3s… in other words, greater penetration. Using a non-enteric coated form can reduce absorption by over 60%. Only a natural triglyceride enteric coated Omega 3 supplement delivers maximum absorption

If you are overweight or have an inflammatory condition, pay close attention to the amount of total fat and saturated fat you are consuming compared to the beneficial anti-inflammatory omega 3s. Saturated and omega 6 fats produce arachidonic acid (AA is a “negative” fatty acid). It also reduces the amount of Omega 3 your body absorbs

Important: The information about your brand is not required. You may input the information from”Your Brand” of Omega-3 fish oils using the values printed on the label on your package. Enter “zero” for any values that you do not have available. Click on calculate to see the results.

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More than 1400mg of ultra-pure EPA/DHA

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