What is ALP High-3?

ALP High-3 is a powerful omega-3 fish oil supplement backed by medical research & customer satisfaction.

ALP High-3 is the culmination of cutting edge medical research into fatty acid metabolism and the link between diet and chronic disease. The resulting omega-3 fish oil supplement is formulated for maximum absorption and bioavailability. What does this mean for you?

ALP High-3 quickly raises the omega-3 levels in your body to support your optimum health by reducing inflammation, elevating mood, and improving cardiovascular function. The high absorption rate of ALP High-3 reduces the cost to consumers based on the omega-3s they actually absorb. In short, ALP High-3 is an effective ally for your health regimen.

ALP High-3 is formulated to deliver on the ALP High-3 Promise of:

High Proficiency

Concentrated “natural” re-sterified triglyceride fish oil for measurable health benefits.

High Purity

Maximum 5 star rating from the International Fish Oil Standards.

High Penetration

Double enteric coating for maximum omega-3 absorption, without fish burps.

60 Softgels

$34.95FREE S+H


More than 1400mg of ultra-pure EPA/DHA

Fastest growing product in more than 50 pharmacies

The Science Behind The Supplement

ALP High-3 is backed by incredible science into how your body uses omega-3s. Clinical research links diet to chronic inflammatory diseases. Specifically, the pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory forces at work in the human body relate to the omega-3 vs. omega-6 ratio of your diet.

ALP High-3 is formulated to balance your omegas to reduce inflammation in the body. This reduced inflammation brings a variety of health benefits with it: heart health, relief from the symptoms of anxiety and depression, increased energy, and protection against inflammatory diseases. Since inflammation is often silent, we recommend omega-6 vs. omega-3 fatty acid testing, which includes an evaluation of your AA/EPA ratio.

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ALP High-3 vs other brands

Our research-backed formula and unparalleled production quality differentiates ALP High-3 from other omega-3 fish oil supplements. Every pill delivers pure, potent fish oil for real health benefits. The high absorption rate and levels of DHA and EPA in ALP High-3 make it a better value than other available omega-3 supplements. For the exact math, check out our omega-3 calculator.

Our customers note that the double enteric coating of every ALP High-3 eliminates unwanted fish burps and gastrointestinal stress. There is finally a fish oil supplement you will enjoy taking- as much as you enjoy the health benefits.

Single Serving EPA/DHA Analysis




Over The Counter

EPA 800mg 679mg 680mg
DHA 600mg 246mg 260mg
Form Triglyceride Ethyl Ester Ethyl Ester
Coating Enteric Gelatin Gelatin