ALP High 3 Omega-3 Fish Oil
210 Count
ALP High 3 Omega-3 Fish Oil
60 Count – New Bottle!
ALP High 7 Omega-3 Fish Oil

What is ALP High-3?

ALP Life Sciences’ founding physicians formulated the ultra-pure, concentrated High-3 fish oil supplement to maximize omega-3 absorption and bioavailability. What does this mean for you? Unlike other fish oil supplements, ALP High-3 does not give you fish burps or unwanted gas. Industry-leading levels of EPA and DHA are absorbed by your body, where they immediately begin work to improve heart health, reduce inflammation and boost your mood.

High Proficiency

Concentrated “natural” re-sterified triglyceride (TAG), aka (TG) form of fish oil

High Purity

International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) Tested!

High Penetration

TAG, aka TG, and Enteric coating available in the 210-count bottle allows for the best absorption!

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Why is Omega Intake important?

In addition to the Omega-3 Index (O3i), the AA/EPA ratio is an important measure of the pro-versus anti-inflammatory processes underway in the body. Based on diet and omega-3 versus omega-6 consumption, you can track your anti-inflammatory or, if not taking enough omega 3s, your pro-inflammatory changes taking place. The O3i test from Omega Quant, includes your AA/EPA ratio. These are diagnostic tools for managing your omega 3 levels.

Supports heart, cardiovascular, and circulatory health
Reduces the risk of chronic inflammatory diseases
Balances your omega 6/3 ratio and your AA/EPA ratio
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